BOHO cork coating is an ultra-modern finishing material that includes cork oak bark and acrylic binder. New product line with natural filler and unique properties. Environmentally friendly material.



Packed in buckets: 5 / 10 / 19 liters


BOHO C is a sprayed cork coating used as a thermal insulation, anti-corrosion, waterproofing, decorative and sound-absorbing material. Promotes removal of excess moisture from the walls of buildings.

When applied to closed storage tanks for the storage of chemical products, BOHO C is resistant to various chemicals, according to the technical specifications.

The cork coating BOHO allows to reduce acoustic vibrations in rooms. This material can be used in music studios, concert halls, cinemas, libraries. The impact noise protection – 30 dB. Under the influence of high temperature, it functions as an effective barrier to heat, maintains an optimum temperature inside the room, creates coolness and comfort in the house. The thermal conductivity – 0,028 W / m * K.


  • oil and gas storage

  • buildings and warehouses

  • sea transport

  • oil sea platforms

  • high-temperature equipment

  • auto transport

Various types of BOHO C:

  • Spray coating. It is used for both exterior and interior decoration of premises, in the automotive industry, shipbuilding, refrigeration equipment, equipment, when working with which it is necessary to reduce vibration.
  • Plaster. It is used for decorative and functional surface coating.
  • Sealant. It is used for filling the joints when assembling and repairing houses, filling gaps, making joints and transitions when laying parquet, laminate and other floor and wall materials; for the device assembly seams when installing doors and windows.

We produce unique insulation

One of the most important advantages of a cork is a large natural potential of protective properties from harmful radiation.

The cork coating BOHO reduces the level of harmful electromagnetic and radioactive radiation, insulates from the harmful effects of geo – techno pathogenic zones and allow to decide a problem of protecting humans from negative effects of scientific and technological progress.

BOHO C characteristics:

Name of the indicator BOHO C
Appearance Textured, any color in the RAL catalog
Elongation at break % 33%
Adhesion of coating by tearing strength

  • to the concrete surface
  • to brick surface
  • to steel
11,50 kg/cm2

10,10 kg/cm2

9,70 kg/cm2

The resistance of the coating to the effects of temperature
difference from -40 to +60° C
No changes
The resistance of the coating to the effects of
temperatures +100° C for 1.5 hours
No changes
Durability for concrete and metal surfaces >10 years
UV resistance No changes
Resistance to chemicals (alcohol, ammonia, alkali, salt and
nitric acid, sulfuric acid, turpentine)
No changes
Thermal conductivity 0,028 W / m * K
Vapor permeability 0,2 mg/m*hr*Pa
Water absorption in 24 hours (% by volume) 0,8%
Temperature of exploitation From -60 0С to +100 0С
Temperature of surface during application From -5 0С to +50 0С
Sound insulation, shock and structural noise (with a layer
of 4 mm)
34 dB (shock noise)

Recommendations for applying:

BOHO C cork coating must be blended (whipped) for 15 minutes at high speed. At the same time, the volume of the product increases by 20%. The paint can be applied with a spatula or with a plaster gun (air spray).

Attention: don’t add water and other solvents.

One layer of coating should not be thicker than 2 mm. One layer will dry for at least 24 hours.