Liquid ceramic coating BOHO is innovative material – fireproof coating with strong adhesion to all construction materials. This coating foams under the influence of fire and forms a solid protective sheath, sufficient to protect the structure from thermal effects and destruction for a long time.



Packed in buckets: 5 / 10 / 19 liters


BOHO F is a fire retardant coating designed to increase the fire resistance of bearing steel structures of buildings and structures at industrial, storage and civilian facilities, including administrative, food, cultural, educational and shopping and entertainment purposes, as well as energy and mining facilities.
BOHO F provides a fire resistance of 30, 40, 45, 60, 90, 120 minutes.



  • metal constructions and surfaces

  • cables

  • oil and gas equipment

  • fire hazardous materials

Recommendations for applying:

– With a brush.

– The paint is applied by piston-type airless spraying machines with a pressure of 20-25 MPa and a flow rate of at least 4 l / min. Filter – 30 Mesh. The nozzle is selected taking into account the availability and geometric dimensions of the painted structure, with a diameter of 0.48-0.68 mm and a spray angle from 20 to 50 ° (example of marking the nozzle: 327 – angle of 30 °, diameter 0.027 “(0.68 mm)). Recommended parameters may vary depending on the capabilities of the equipment (we are recommend Graco airless spraying units:Graco-795, Graco Mark-V, Graco Mark-X or using a combined unit, like T-MAX 405), the configuration of the treated structures and the temperature conditions of the application. In hard-to-reach places it is allowed to use a brush.

The paint is mixed with a low speed mixer (no more than 300 min-1) or manually until smooth. Excessive mixing intensity saturates the paint with air, which can lead to coating defects (craters).

Attention: don’t add water and other solvents.

The application is made in layers to the required thickness specified in the project documentation. The application of the next layer is allowed only after full drying. The thickness of the wet layer should not exceed 1 mm.