Liquid ceramic coating BOHO is innovative material (thermal insulation coating), which consists of hollow ceramic and silicate microspheres filled with rarefied air which are suspended in liquid polymeric compound. The material possesses thermal insulation, reflecting, sound-insulation, anticorrosive, fireprotective properties and provides for thermal insulation on surfaces of any shape with strong adhesion to all construction materials.



Packed in buckets: 5 / 10 / 19 liters


BOHO T1 is used for coating of any surfaces in civil and industrial construction. BOHO T1 retains heat and reduces heat loss.

BOHO T1 can be easily used within temperatures from -60 to + 150ºC.

BOHO T1 promotes removal of excess moisture from the walls of buildings and prevents mold and mildew.

BOHO heat insulation


  • insulation of houses and low-rise buildings
  • thermal insulation of facades

  • thermal insulation of roofs

  • thermal insulation of walls

Recommendations for applying:

– with a brush (pre-soaked in water). Before the first application a brush should be moistened with water and shaken off excess water. Subsequently, if it dries, a brush should be moistened. The moistening of the brush is recommended only for the convenience of coating for hot surface.

– using Graco airless spraying units:Graco-795, Graco Mark-V, Graco Mark-X or using a combined unit, like T-MAX 405. At airless spraying, we recommend to observe the following requirements to equipment: HDA-527, 531, 427, 431 paint nozzles (without divider), hoses with a diameter of 1 inch or ¾ inch and up to 15 meters long, the gun type should be TexSpray (without an internal filter), tubular filter in the unit – 30 holes, spray pressure should be not more than 40-50 bar. In order to prevent destruction of microspheres by overpressure, operating pressure in airless spraying units should be set to the lowest possible level. When operating T-MAX 405 unit and the like, the ones using two spraying methods simultaneously (airless and air), with the air compressor, it is enough to have working pressure of 3-10 bar to apply the material, with a length of hose not more than 10m. Irregularities (unevenness) of the coating thickness can be levelled then with a spatula.

Attention: don’t add water and other solvents. Mix paint manually or with a mixer at a rate of 150 rotations per minute or less before application. High mixing speed will lead to the destruction of ceramic spheres. As a result, the coating will not have the necessary properties.

One layer of coating should not be thicker than 1 mm. One layer will dry for at least 8 hours. You must apply at least three layers.